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“I will save enough money on my office and medical supplies to pay for my malpractice premium. It’s as if I am getting my malpractice insurance for free!”

J. David Holcomb, PIRRG Board Secretary

What is it?

A value-added benefit was created when Doctors’ Armor partnered with BlackMaple Group and its purchasing alliance program. When you enroll, you join 3,500 other healthcare providers already realizing the cost-saving benefits on their practice’s routine medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and office supply orders.


How does it work?

The program’s key to success is in the collective buying power created by the volume of program participants. THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS!

As a Doctors’ ARMOR insured, you are eligible to participate in Blackmaple Group, a large nationwide physician group purchasing alliance. Depending on your practice’s needs, the overall cost savings with this one benefit provides an opportunity to offset a portion, if not all, of the Doctors’ ARMOR premium.

If you are a Doctors’ ARMOR insured and would like to join this program, please complete and return the enrollment application.