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  • About Us

In 2006, a group of highly respected physicians decided to make a difference. In response to the commercial insurance carriers’ resistance to lowering their premiums – despite the enactment of tort reform years prior – a new type of malpractice insurance was born.

Doctors’ ARMOR by Physicians Indemnity provides the standard professional liability insurance that all those big name insurance companies provide except with a personal touch. We bring a physician-oriented perspective to the Florida and Georgia malpractice arena because we are physician-owned, operated, and managed.

Doctors’ ARMOR is able to provide its affordable insurance product because of the following essential points:

  • Selective quality underwriting process
  • Diversified risk exposures
    • Multiple specialties and geographic locations
  • Risk Management
    • Assisting insureds with risk mitigation associated with their practice
  • Capital Contribution
    • Every insured has ownership in Doctors’ ARMOR
  • Reinsurance
    • Creates a manageable level of risk inherent in the medical malpractice insurance industry

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